The art of real spell casting known all over the world

Genuine spell casting is an art so powerful that has been around for longer than I can remember from the times of our forefathers that used these somewhat unconventional ways to solve all their problems from curing strange illnesses to sorting out marital problems, protection spells and so on.

As time went on people started to incorporate spells into their lives by using them to solve whatever it was that was troubling them after seeing what they could do. As such, communities became more accepting of these powerful spells that really work and transformed people's lives and just like that they spread to even more villages and countries.

With time, spellcasters categorized their spells into numerous categories to fit and cater to everyone's problems and with these categories came along spellbooks for powerful spells. This was like the way real spell casters kept a record of some of their most powerful spells as well as the ingredients that they used to formulate them.

What a spellbook is

Every real genuine spell caster has his/her own magical spell book with all the spells they use to transform people's lives for the better and how they are actually performed.

These special spell books are passed on down from the spell caster's ancestors through his forefathers that knew how to record all the formulae used to make these spells so as to keep the tradition in the family.

As such, it goes without saying that these spell books are our toolboxes as real spell casters that we use to keep a record of the hundreds of spells as well as their specific applications. Apart from that, we use these spell books as rites of passage unto the next person that takes over the spell casting exercise from a former spell caster.

Within these spell books are various forms and types of spells like the black magic spells that work, white magic spells, voodoo spells and many more other powerful spells that really work.

All these genuine spells that have been helping and transforming lives all around the world are kept safely in a spell book that each and every real genuine spell caster has in his possession.

Acting as a guide for most spells casters especially the new ones that are just starting out and having taken over from a previous spell caster, these spell books have made for some of the most powerful spellcasters in the world.

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The strength and power of a real spell caster depend on the spell book and who it was inherited from as some of the most powerful spellcasters are known to come from Africa, where I come from.

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